About Us


How it all started

Since some members of my family are very passionate fishermen, I have been involved in fishing for quite some time. But I do not consider myself to be a pro.


Photo on the right: Danube Salmon 4.68 Kg, caught in Croatia by my girlfriend’s father.

During an intensive consultation at a fishing fair I had my first contact with ShadXperts, a wholesaler of lures, jig-hooks / terminal tackle and accessories.

My first Zander, caught on Kopyto River 6" thanks to the helpful tips from the fishing fair!

Later, as part of a project with an online retailer whom I had consulted during my professional career for an international online payment method, I learned about the great demand for ShadXperts / Relax articles. After detailed research in various fishing forums and countless talks with befriended fishermen, I could confirm this demand.

2016 – Idea to establish a web-shop for:

  • Experienced fishermen - professionals,
    who can quickly get "everything" for softbait-fishing from one source online and quickly find the desired colours and shapes of the bait, as well as the quality and weight of the jig hooks,

  • Enthusiastic hobby - fishermen,
    who maybe want to try out and specialize in other fishing techniques different from the ones they already have practiced previously (for example: a quick fishing trip to Norway) and who want to inform and equip themselves quick and easy online with suitable tackle 

  • Beginners and newcomers,
    who want to collect first fishing experiences and still need detailed information about the right products, so their purchase decision brings them closer to the safe catch.

The idea was to create an online shop that should be more than just a "shop" in the traditional sense. Expert knowledge gained over many years by professionals, experts and fellow fishermen should be passed on to interested customers and fishermen by use of an intelligent decision-making help-functionality of the shop. All fishermen should feel addressed and should be able to make a quick and useful selection from the variety of colours, shapes and jig-hooks offered for their particular fishing situation.

The search / filter function "Fishing Techniques and Target Fishes", which will be constantly extended and improved as well with the input of our valuable customers, shall play a major role.


While searching for appropriate partners my way led directly to ShadXperts. There I presented the idea to offer the complete product program online in structured way. As ShadXperts anyhow offers their specific fishing know-how to anyone interested through their sales documents, catalogues, on the website (www.shadXperts.com), at fishing fairs and in form of carefully selected target fish sets, my initial idea was positively supported.


2017 – ShadXperts entire product range

For the launch of the shop is was planned to offer the entire SX product range as it is one of the most extensive and well-known Softbait programs available on the market. So far there was no one offering the entire SX program. The selection of high-quality rubber lures and hooks provided a solid basis and gave the impression of endless variety.

Please note that the program contains just articles from the field of lures, jig-hooks / terminal tackle and accessories.

For the development of the product filter options it was important to import the extensive know-how from the fishing sport, from experts and fishermen, directly into the shop. Furthermore, the product range shall be expanded and developed in many different directions in the future.

After selecting a suitable IT partner, the implementation began in October.
The main requirements for the shop were:

    not to lose track while quickly navigating through an enormous variety of products, and

    steered by the Know-how of experts and fishermen helping to find appropriate SOFTBAITS and HOOKS, regarding
    - SIZE,
    - FORM and
    - COLOUR 

Of course, the professionals among fishermen, like you are my dear customers, know best which bait is the "perfect" one for your territory. Therefore, the shop shall bring much joy to enthusiastic fishermen, regardless of which experience level, while browsing through its wide range of rubber baits, jig-hooks and terminal tackle of various brands, shapes, sizes and colours.

2018 – SOFTBAITSPARADISE  (2 years delay)

SOFTBAITSPARADISE should go online for the first time in February / March 2018. Unfortunately the go-live was delayed more and more and from August there were increasing signs that the implementation by the chosen IT partner would not be implemented as desired. After a final deadline, we finally had to end the cooperation in November 2018 with a lawyer and start again with a new partner. This was an enormous emotional and financial setback for the entire team and I would like to sincerely apologize to you dear customers for this long delay. The great ray of hope that gave the team courage and new hope again to implement the project and still be able to realize it as desired was the new IT partner who now works internally in our Softbaitsparadise team.


Beginning of 2019 SOFTBAITSPARADISE goes online first time. 
At the beginning a solid standard shop-software (OpenCart) is used as platform to present the entire product portfolio. The filter options and search criteria according to fishing techniques, target fishes, brands, colours, etc. will be developed step by step and by Q3/2020 the entire shop shall be switched to a proprietary, individual shop software which shall meet all requirements already existing today, as well visually. But one step after another.


I would like to thank you for visiting our site and hope you all have a satisfying shopping experience. We constantly strive to improve and expand the shop.
I am looking forward to your suggestions and ideas for improvement.

With best regards,
Gunther Egerer